Turn Your Phone Into A Virtual Measuring Scale With This Augmented Reality App

Your smart phone offers capabilities beyond your imagination, and the little machine can virtually do many things for you. The smartphone has wrapped up a desktop full of applications into your pocket replacing calendars, watches, maps, notes, calculator, alarm clock, and obviously the phone itself. Apart from the dozens of healthcare applications, you can even weigh and measure things with your pocket gadget.

Image: Laan Labs

A few months ago, a video went viral featuring an augmented reality app that can measure real life objects. Built using Apple’s ARkit, the beta version of AR Measure application was released by developer Laan Labs on their website.

Image: Laan Labs

Many of us have limited the smartphone to chatting and taking selfies but augmented reality technology is about to change much of that. A measuring tape is another tool that you will no longer need to carry with you if you are the owner of an iPhone. The AR Measure app converts your phone camera to a virtual ruler, and you can point that at any object and measure the desired dimension. The website reads, “The app uses the power of Augmented Reality to measure the distance between points in 3D space.”

Since the app is still new and in the process of testing the beta version, it does have certain inaccuracy to its measurement, but it is still proof that the apps can safely replace the traditional measurement tools like rulers and calipers with some refinement.

Image: Laan Labs

Many small jobs like domestic renovation projects require extensive use of measuring tools. A task as simple as buying a piece of furniture requires a tape, and there is a good chance of you forgetting to take one with you. The future of smartphone measurements is quite a temptation, and with Laan Labs’ reputation with audio and visual applications, we can expect the measurement tool to be perfectly worth it.

The iOS 11 is due to release this Fall, and AR Measure website says that the full version of the app will come along the OS update.