You Can Take A VR Tour Of The First City In Mars, As Envisioned By UAE

UAE has appointed an artificial intelligence minister for the first time and has joined the race for a settlement on Mars. Their plans include a complete city on the red planet by 2117. They have released a VR tour for the public of what they believe their city would look like on the nearest neighboring planet.

In the VR tour, the first stop is a small hangar, with chrome, brown and rust-colored building to look natural to the planet’s surface. This is where you are greeted by a holographic emissary before you begin your journey in your hovercraft. “On behalf of the United Government of Mars, I would like to welcome you to your second home.” says the emissary.

(Source: Virtual Reality Times)

From your hovercraft, you can see massive excavators busy at work in the red soil. They are making new roads and setting foundation where new buildings are going to be built. When you go a little further, the City of Wisdom appears on the horizon which is the first human settlement on Mars. It has everything a society needs. There are labs for research, a university, green spaces, flowing architecture, and 600,000 permanent residences.

This is what the UAE believes the first settlement on Mars would look like and you can watch the video below to get a better look.

It was announced earlier this year by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, that UAE will complete the first settlement on Mars by 2117. The country is planning to work with renown scientists from all parts of the world to achieve this goal.

The Dubai Media Office announced in September that it was planning to build a simulated Mars colony in the Emirati desert to develop the food, energy, and water systems that could support future settlers of the neighboring planet.

(Source: IBTimes UK)

UAE has planned to launch the first probe to Mars by 2021, and once they have done that they will officially join the big leagues in which NASA, SpaceX, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and even the Chinese government are actively trying to get ahead. As long as we don’t have the means to touch down on the planet, we will have to do it with the VR tour

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