This Startup Has Come Up With The Technology To Make Roads Out Of Used Plastic Bags


How do you fix the epidemic of plastics ruining our oceans and littering our surroundings beyond recognition? While their non-biodegradable qualities are considered to be their biggest problem, a British start-up is adamant on using this very property to make longer lasting roads!

Usually, roads use Bitumen along with limestone, sand, and rocks to create the tracks. Bitumen, or asphalt, is extracted from oil, which increases both economic and environmental cost. The startup, MacRebur, uses waste plastic to create special pellets that replace much of the bitumen. The material is called MR6 and uses 100-percent recycled plastic taken up from the landfills. The rest of the process is similar, but the result comes out to be roads that are more economically viable and longer lasting!

The special roads have been tested in parts of Cumbria in the U.K., and another “plastic” road was recently opened in Gloucester, England.

BBC’s journalist Dougal Shaw caught up with the inventor. You can watch the entire process and future prospects in the video below!


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