You Can Now Buy Movie Tickets With Google Assistant

The latest feature added in the Google Assistant is ordering movie tickets. Google has partnered with Fandango and now allows its users to buy movie tickets via the assistant. The process is a simple one. The users simply have to ask the assistant for showtimes for a particular film and specify how many tickets they want. They can then choose the seats accordingly and the process is complete.

Users can also directly ask the Google Assistant to get them tickets for a particular movie and Google will automatically give the showtimes for the film. Those who want to watch a movie but are not sure what to watch can simply ask for the showtimes near them. The Assistant will use the location to search nearby theaters and show the list of movies playing.

(Source: Techjuice)

You can then get more information by asking who stars in it and watch the trailer if you like it. This feature also allows you to book tickets in advance for movies that are not showing yet. Once the details are complete, the Assistant will read out your total and you will complete the purchase using Google Pay.

You can also use devices like Google Home to buy these tickets and once you have completed the details, you will get a prompt on your phone so you can complete the order. The feature is currently only available for Google Assistant on Android phones but is expected to roll out for iOS later this year.

You can check out an example in the video below:

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