This Is How You Can Measure The Amount Pee In Your Swimming Pool

There is absolutely no summer if half of it is not spent swimming in a pool. Unless you have your personal pool that no one else dips in, you can never ensure it’s absolutely pee free.

It might be good, probably not useful, but fun to know how much pee actually is in there. You may able to catch the culprits this way, so Mark Rober got together with Canadian scientist Lindsay to figure out a method to measure pee in the pool. If you are thinking that simple measurement of urea could do the job, well, it can not. Humans pass out urea both in urine and sweat, so the pool water will always have that.

Rober and Lindsay get around it and measure that one thing that comes from no other source in the water but the human body. All of us consume artificial sweeteners in one product or another at some point in our day. The only way this sweetener gets out of our system is through urine, and that is your red, actually kinda yellow flag in the pool.

Research published in the Environmental Science & Technology Letters estimated the amount of pee in a swimming pool to be a total of 0.007 to 0.009 percent which does not sound much but that measures to about 75 liters of pee in an 830,000-liter pool. Yeah, public pools do not sound much fun anymore, but maybe you should do a little check for your own neighborhood pool.

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