Can I Control My Wife’s Phone from My Computer

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In cosmopolitan lives, we have very little time to interact. Everyone is busy with their jobs; and you get very little time to spend even with your own spouse. So, this communication gap and distance creates a void and leaves room for suspicion and anguish. 

In a marital relationship, most men would agree that women have a knack of communication. They talk, gossip and are hooked to the phone. There is one thing to be possessive of your phone but it means something else when you are secretive of your phone.

If you are wondering if you could have an access to your wife’s conversation and see whom and what she is texting 24*7, you have to try this solution. As a matter of fact, spy applications have seen a sudden splurge as 2020 has people hooked onto their phones.

With great demand for spy applications, there was a great supply of spy applications. No other spy application is even remotely close to the level of convenience and information that Minspy provides. 

Minspy- The One Stop Spy Shop

Minspy app is a web based application. It doesn’t require any software download, upload or any other installation necessities. It is extremely simple to operate. The best part of the application is its stealth mode. 

When spying on your wife, there could be nothing more devastating than she knowing the fact that you have been spying on her. Minspy’s stealth mode is the perfect protection from this risk. No Minspy user has ever faced the problem of being caught in the act. 

Why Minspy is better than other Spy applications

Through robot verifications and feedback forms, other spy applications can prove to be a colossal wastage of your time. Further, you can’t just trust any random and cheapest spy alternative you find online. There are many spy apps that claim a lot, but deliver way less.

Minspy has a very practical approach. It does not even ask for any supplementary information, let alone use it. It would not ask you to prove your identity or link your social media pages to it. The methodology used by Minspy is quite discreet.

Having stated the fact that Minspy is a totally reliable application, there are a few core features that essentially distinguish it from other spy applications. So, below are some amazing features and functions that Minspy possesses:

How Minspy keeps your secret, a secret

The efficient stealth mode of Minspy allows spying to be undetectable. The users attain the ability to spy in a completely anonymous and secretive manner. This leaves the users to not fret about being discovered while spying, and they can solely focus on the core activity. 

Minspy allows you to spy on your wife’s phone without her even having a hunch about it. The stealth mode offers data protection along with protecting the interest of the user. The stealth mode is superb and well crafted into the very inherent design of the application.

No Jailbreak and No Rooting

Minspy does not necessitate jailbreaking. There is no requirement to root the application through your wife’s target device. As a matter of fact, you wouldn’t need your wife’s phone for anything at all. The app functions in a totally remote manner.

The best function: Keylogger

As a married man you would be aware of how impossible it is to read your wife’s mind. But, with Minspy, you can even do the impossible. With its keylogger feature, the application allows you to see the vital keystrokes made on someone’s phone. 

You can see her message drafts, items she typed but did not send, change of mind, etc. These are the behavioral nitty gritties that allow you a direct access into her mind, contrary to what she says or ends up doing for real.

Multiple Spying Features

You can spy in a wholesome manner on your wife’s phone. You can see whom she is calling, texts, messaging on social media, applications she is downloading and using. The application allows you to practically clone the target phone. You can see every important information, even her library of apps.

Use Minspy to Control your Wife’s Phone

Even if you are a first timer with technology, Minspy is the kind of application that you can become privy to very soon. You do not need to read through the processes or see a demo of how it actually works. 

It is the most time efficient manner to see someone’s phone, easier than what you would do even if she hands you over her phone for viewing. Ensconced in your own comfort, you can access your wife’s phone on her desktop. Below are the procedures for the same:

Step 1: You register your email ID on Minspy’s website. This email will be used by Minspy to send the set up link, so choose wisely.

Step 2: Select the desirable plan of your choice from the many selective options available at Minspy. A wide range of plans are offered that range from premium to family packs. You can select the plan of your choice and pay for it in accordance. 

Step 3: You now will get an installation link on your registered email ID (the one you used in Step 1). You need to open and install that link and follow the procedures. The set up and installation only takes a few moments and is effortlessly quick.

Step 4: The application will then ask you about the target platform. Target platform means the kind of phone your wife is using.  If your wife is using an iPhone, you select iOS. If she is using an Android, you say Android.

Step 5: After this, in case of an iPhone, you would only need to enter the iCloud credentials. In case of an Android phone, you need to download the app on the target phone. The moment you download the app, you have the provision to hide the app almost instantaneously.  


As a person worried about the status of your marital life, Minspy app provides the most time efficient and qualitative method to get the information you seek. The application is the most sought after spy solution amongst the very many alternatives available. 

You have to try this solution to understand what all this boasting is all about. The efficiency with which this app works makes it a very prominent solution for your spy requirements and your married life.

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