Can Geothermal Energy Fulfill The Energy Need Of The World? This Video Has The Answer

Can Geothermal Energy Solve The Energy Problems Of The World?

Welcome to yet another amazing featured video where you will see folks at Real Engineering analyze the geothermal heat while debating why it has not been adopted as of yet in a more productive manner.

Can Geothermal Energy Solve The Energy Problems Of The World?

Among the list of biggest challenges that we are currently facing today is the transition to renewable energy. However, we are struggling with storage while still waiting for a clean energy solution. That is where the geothermal energy comes in with its never-ending clean energy given that we can access it. If we were able to find a way that would allow us to safely and cost-effectively access this heat, we would be able to solve all of our energy-related problems. There are some areas where this heat managed to come to the surface.

These spots are known as geothermal hotspots, and you could access the heat along with its limitless reserve. However, the geothermal still accounts for only less than 1% of globally installed electrical capacity. So, why have we yet not managed to utilize this energy source in an effective and serious manner? That is where the team from Real Engineering comes in and carries out an in-depth analysis of the topic using their well-known illustrative style.

Can Geothermal Energy Solve The Energy Problems Of The World?

However, we will not be giving all of the details over here because we want you to check out the video and learn about it from Real Engineering. We will, however, tell you that the video is highly informative and quite educational, to say the least. It will answer almost all of your geothermal questions and will take you on a journey through the topic. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the video below and do let us know what you think of it. Also, make sure that you share this video with your friends and family members to increase their knowledge as well.

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