Can A Match Be Lit With Water? Video Shows How

Science has brought so many unique and novel advancements that seemed impossible before. The era we are living in is dynamic, fast, and disruptive. There are new concepts and mechanisms being applied every other day that bring unprecedented results for us.

The Royal Institution of Great Britain demonstrated a way to light up a matchstick from water on their YouTube channel. It sounds impossible and maybe self-contradictory as water is usually used to put out fires and this video shows that it can be used to light one as well. This has been done in a chemistry lab in an experiment.

The scientist set up an apparatus where the water is boiled. A hollow pipe with multiple coils is used to pass the steam through. The pipe is then heated with the help of a Bunsen burner. This is done because the coils in the pipe reduce the temperature of the steam and cause condensation.

The Bunsen burner reheats the water going through the pipe and the steam is given off from the other end is pure gaseous water at a very high temperature. This is the basic mechanism and setup for the experiment.

Next, a match is brought closer to the end f the pipe and within a fraction of a second, it catches fire. It is amazing how this can been achieved. Special conditions and circumstances were created to make this happen.

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