Butterup Knife Makes Your Morning Breakfast Easier

butterup Knife Design DM Initiatives3

If you have had some experience with sandwich making then you must be fully aware of the dangers of spreading cold butter on bread. Not only it will tear the bread apart, you would be left angry and frustrated as well. However, just when you thought that the butter knife could not be improved anymore, this wonderfully engineered butter knife shows up, say hello to the ButterUp.butterup Knife Design DM Initiatives

The uniqueness of this knife lies within the ingenious design and how seamlessly it has tackled the issue of working with a cold chunk of butter. The innovation comes from DM Initiatives and has been finalized after a number of prototypes. The design has been based upon a tip that was given to the team by a cook; working with cold butter is easier after has had a run of the grater. The grater, therefore, was built into the knife. The holes that are located on the non-serrated edge of the knife allow the user to make thin ribbons of butter on the blade, followed by flipping the knife over in order to begin the buttering process.butterup Knife Design DM Initiatives

As per the company behind it, the grater is able to soften and aerate the butter that results in ease when it comes to spreading it. DM Initiatives also says that the wide blade can be employed in order to pick up the grated butter and to provide a larger surface area to facilitate spreading. The ButterUp has been crafted from stainless steel and can be washed in dishwasher without any worry.butterup Knife Design DM Initiatives4 butterup Knife Design DM Initiatives2

As of now, Kickstarter campaign is underway in order to raise funds for the innovative knife. The target has been achieved already and a pledge of $11 will warrant you a unit of ButterUp given that everything goes well with the production and roll out. So would you get one?


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