Businesses In Canadian Town Square Off In Hilarious Sign War

A sign war has sparked in Canada and the residents around are having a good laugh at businesses competing with each other with words.

Rounds have been fired heating up the situation for the good fun of the residents in the town of Listowel. As per BBC, the war started between two businesses in Ontario town, Dairy Queen and Speedy Glass and in no time the impacts were seen flowing to other businesses of the town in an ally’s choosing warfare.

The world is taken over by the ongoing pandemic condition, and anything that comes as a source of happiness and entertainment goes viral over the internet, so is this Canadian war captured global attention after images of the hilarious signs were shared online.  

Thanks to social media that it is not only the Canadian people enjoying the war, as it is now known to a lot of the internet users that follow or come across the latest online trends.

“There are thousands of signs on local businesses from our town alone to neighboring towns and cities and counties,” Trevor Cork, owner of glass replacement service Speedy Glass, told the BBC.

People from the neighboring town have traveled into Listowel to go sign-spotting and have a good laugh at the sledging warfare going on.

 “We’re getting people stopping into my business just to say thank you for making them smile,” Cork said. “There are businesses that compete against each other that are poking fun at each other and people are laughing together again and smiling at each other. It’s brought our community very close in the last seven days,” he added

One resident went all out in appreciation and baked a cake for the company while thanking for the entertainment initiative. She wrote on her Facebook page, “This #signwar has been a blessing for this community! Helping small businesses be seen in this trying time while also giving our community a reason to laugh and come together again. Thank you, Trevor, and your Speedy team for this inspired idea!!”

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