Bulletproof Business Suit Is Straight Out Of A James Bond Movie

Bulletproof suit made from carbon nanotubes

It may have seemed very unusual when the employees of Garrison Bespoke lined to stab their boss, Michael Nguyen, with a hunting knife. But Mr.Nguyen had full faith in his company’s latest creation – a bullet and knife-proof business suit that protects it’s wearer from any injury.

The scene at Ontario's Rod and Gun Club, where Garrison Bespoke's new bulletproof three-pi...

Bulletproof clothing is not a new concept, it has been available for the public in the forms of bulky articles of clothing which can be worn outside. This is due to the fact that bulletproof clothing was conventionally made using Kevlar which is a bulky and heavy material. But due to the advancements in nanotechnology, new fabrics can be fashioned into stylish clothing which are also bulletproof. Garrison Bespoke’s suit is made of several sheets of carbon nanotube fabric which make it bullet-resistant. The company has worked along with the US military to develop a material for bulletproof clothing to protect the troops in Iraq. This same material is what was used to make the fashionable business suits.

Garrison Bespoke's bulletproof suit looks and feels much like any other (Photo: Garrison B...

The sheets are half the weight of Kevlar and far more flexible and thinner, making them discrete. The material is so damage-resistant that it has to be cut with a band saw. The knife-proof aspect of the suit is due to the tightening of the carbon nanotube weave when contacted by a point force which blunts the tip of the knife and makes penetration difficult. Informal tests on the suit proved that it could stop both .45 and 9mm bullets.

With a cost of a little over 19,000 USD, the suit won’t be worn by the average office worker. The target clientele for the suit are the rich and powerful businessman who sometimes have to conduct their business in risky areas. For them, this suit is the perfect bodyguard (and probably cheaper too). What do you think of this invention? Let us know in comments


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