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Bug-A-Salt Shoots Insects With A Pinch Of Salt


Have the insects been spoiling your Summers lately? Do they threaten you of a nasty sting?
Fear not, because Skell Inc, a start-up company founded by Santa Monica, has manufactured a gun called Bug-A-Salt which claims to take out these insects. The gun is loaded with a pinch of salt that is fired at a tremendous velocity which is lethal for the insects.

The makers of the gun say that the device is a completely safe way to take out an annoying bug.

Because it uses ordinary granulated table salt, it would never break the skin on even the smallest child – although we do not recommend firing it at people’, the spokesperson for the company said. 

The gun’s shot vary with its distance from the prey.

Unlike conventional insect-killing devices, which squash the insects and leave a mess, the Bug-A-Salt requires only a brush for clean-up.

Assuming that you have got an almost decent aim, you can take out a fly from more than three feet away. It’s also a cost-effective method of killing pesky mosquitoes and moths because the refill of the plastic gun is table salt.

The gun can fire 50 shots before reload. It requires no charging and uses compressed air to fire a shot of salt. The  £35 device has already been bought by almost 100,000 people in the US.

We think that using ordinary salt instead of chemicals is a better and eco-friendly way to get rid of the pesticides and insects, if they have to be killed anyway. Here’s the device in action: