British Architect Designs Sleeping Pods For The Homeless In London

Sleeping Pods For Homeless By British Architect

James Furzer is a British architect who came up with an amazingly innovative idea for providing shelter to the homeless that are currently left with no option but to live in the streets of London. He has created sleeping pods that can be attached to buildings and can serve as temporary housing for the homeless. The project has been named as ‘Homes for the Homeless’ and won the 5000 Euro prize at the ‘Space for New Visions’ competition.Sleeping Pods For Homeless By British Architect 2

The capsule has been created using plywood and metal frame. These capsules can be attached to the exterior walls of buildings and can be installed individually or as a group. The structure features a sleeping room and comes equipped with a mattress. The project is aimed at helping almost 750 people who sleep on the streets on a regular basis.Sleeping Pods For Homeless By British Architect 3

As per Furzer, “the cheap internal material selection is not to add luxury, it is simply to provide a warm, dry, comfortable place to rest, with simply a sleeping platform and a selection of ‘pull down’ wall shelves.”Sleeping Pods For Homeless By British Architect

In order to make this project a reality, Furzer began a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo with a goal of £940.

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