Brio Is A Safer Power Outlet That Doesn’t Shock Your Kid’s Fingers

Brio – A Safer and Smarter Power Outlet 2

What’s the one thing that children like to do and you always have to be on guard about? Yes, poking their little fingers into the power outlets that are placed all around the home. Brio tackles this problem by offering a smart and safe power outlet that is capable of differentiating between an electric appliance and a little kid’s fingers. How does the differentiation help? Brio only turns on power when it detects an electrical appliance plugged into it.Brio – A Safer and Smarter Power Outlet

Brio comes with two outlet points and gets affixed to a wall just like any regular power outlet would. The default state for the gadget is ‘off’ and therefore, no electricity flows out until the gadget can detect an electrical appliance connected to it. It will not turn the voltage on for human fingers or a paperclip or a fork.Brio – A Safer and Smarter Power Outlet 2

According to the team behind this device, the embedded sensors upon detection of a valid plug will activate Brio that sends a 24 V sensing mode to search for the right resistance level. Then the microprocessor, located onboard the device, gives the green light and Brio allows the 120 V to run to the appliance. Brio is raising funds on Kickstarter as of now with only a week left till the campaign ends. You can warrant one unit by pledging $39. It’s a bit on the higher end if you’re planning to switch all power outlets with Brio, however, it sure works way better when compared with the power outlet covers that can be removed by kids who are intrigued by new things.Brio – A Safer and Smarter Power Outlet 3 Brio – A Safer and Smarter Power Outlet 4

If everything goes according to the plans, shipment to US will begin in May 2015. The firm is also planning to come up with a second device that will be named as Brio Smart. This device will be able to communicate with sensors placed all around the home wirelessly and shall be able to detect flood, carbon monoxide and fire. It would then send you an alert via the mobile app. Check out the video below for more details:

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