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Break Out Of Everyday Boredom With These 15 Amazing Gadgets

Change is good for a number of reasons. Primarily because it spices things up and does not allow you to get bored. We have compiled a list of 15 amazing gadgets that are capable of making your home time more interesting.

Check the list out and let us know what you think of it:

15. Natural Air Cleaner

These vertical living walls can filter air while aesthetically blending with the surroundings. The panels are equipped with an LED light that can produce a relaxing atmosphere. The walls can be moved around thanks to the wheels underneath them.

14. Shower Note Tablet

The notepad is waterproof and comes in handy when you’re overwhelmed with ideas while showering and need to take notes.

13. Six Part Toaster

This gadget can toast six slices simultaneously while heating and rotating them in single compartments.

12. Somfy Alarm System with Walkie Talkie

It is quite a remarkable alarm system that comes with 3 walkie talkies incorporated with Somfy thus, transforming a simple alarm system into an intercom. It has been embedded with all kinds of devices to keep your home secure.

11. The Belkin Mixer

This gadget can relay 4-channel high-quality recorded, digital sound directly to your iPod. It can also be used to record shows either on-site or in the studios.

10. The Sleep Assistant

This gadget will help you sleep better; it makes use of a blue light synchronized with your breathing. Eventually, it helps in lowering the breathing rate to the point where you pass out.

9. Compact Eco-friendly Fridge

This fridge uses water, magnetic refrigeration and ceramic materials to cool down the temperature instead of the hazardous HFC’s used in convetinal refrigerators.

8. The Watermill Water Maker

This is a dehumidifier which uses the water present in the air and purifies it to potable level. It is capable of producing 12 liters a day.

7. The Taste DJ kitchen Table

This amazing table comes with a sink, built in multimedia computer setup and a dual stove counter-top.

6. The Wall-mounted Digital Jukebox

This amazing juke box syncs with the computer and enables the user to control a myriad of options.

5. Spice Gun

Make cooking fun with this gadget; simply load up the spices and then fire away!

4. The Magic Mirror Alarm Unit

This mirror is capable of saying over 100 different lines and serves as an alarm system as well.

3. Panasonic’s Connected Home System

Panasonic is currently working on a system that will be capable of doing everything for you.

2. The Anywhere Steam Sauna

You will regret not having this gadget!

1. The Plasma Screen Fireplace

The gadget is known as ‘Beachcomber’ Plasma TV Fireplace and is a real LCD display embedded in a fireplace. A push of button brings the TV from behind the fireplace to the front .

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