Braeön Is A New Material That Is Strong As Steel Yet Malleable Like Rubber

Braeon plastic (1)

Braeön is a lightweight, strong thermoplastic that molecularly fuses with itself in seconds. The plastic can be formed into any shape by simply heating and pressing. Once the self-bonding plastic hardens, a bond is created that is as strong as steel.

Source: Cool Things

The material is a superb alternate to a binding rope. It can create custom grips, handles, and harnesses in seconds. The material is an essential tool for a kitchen, toolbox, and a backpack.

Source: HiConsumption

The best part about the product is that its steel-strength comes with feather-like lightness and adaptability. The use of the ribbon requires nothing but a little heat, and it is even moisture-resistant. It is as malleable as putty at even low temperatures. Bonus point? You can even paint it so it would fit in any of your DIY projects without looking out-of-place. The material works the best in extreme cold weathers.

Braeön is available in the form of a ribbon roll packaged in a custom tin which makes it easy to carry anywhere, even on your backpack adventures. A 100 ft ribbon of the material weighs less than a pound. A tensile strength of over 2000 lbs makes the ribbon as strong as steel.

You can even create a custom splint with it.

The project is live on Kickstarter, already backed almost 500% of its pledged goal of $15,000. You can back the project and get your ribbon delivered to your place by May this year.

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