The Video Of Boston Dynamics’ Robotic Dog Opening Doors Is Breaking The Internet

Boston Dynamics just released the video of their robotic dog SpotMini opening a door and holding it open for its fellow robot to pass through. The robot has already been the source of inspiration for many hilarious tweets and we will take a look at some of them here.

One person posted a video claiming that cats could do a faster job than the robot.

Another person used expressions from another robot to express what they felt.

Another user is worried about his beer.

Then there are people comparing it to the killer robot in Black Mirror.

It is also a reason to worry for dogs all around the world.

Some people are even comparing it to the terminator.

This is some scary resemblance.

The robot is also being compared to the iconic scene in Jurrasic Park where the Raptors are capable of opening doors.

Joanna Bryson reminds us that we need to keep AI ethics in mind while moving forward.


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