Watch This Boston Dynamics Humanoid Robot Do A Perfect Backflip

The Atlas robot was developed with the help of Darpa and was showcased at the 2015 DARPA Robotics Challenge. It impressed the viewers back then as it had the ability to walk and climb the stairs without falling down every few steps. It continued its advancements and started balancing on one leg, cleaned its own room and went on outdoor walks under its own power.

Now it is back and seems in better shape than ever before and now this Boston Dynamics’ bot Atlas has the ability to jump on platforms, spin in midair, maintain its balance and can even do backflips. This is something majority of the humans finds impossible and this robot has perfected the technique.

(Source: YouTube)

In the video demonstrating Atlas and his new abilities, he first jumps from box to box and then onto the floor. From the floor, it jumps on a box 3 feet high and once on the box, it does a 180-degree spin mid-air, maintains its balance and does a backflip on a gymnast’s mat.

(Source: YouTube)

We have seen the demonstration but Boston Dynamics has been stingy with details and we still don’t know all the specifications of the robot. The video it released had the caption “What’s new, Atlas?” and we will know what’s new once the details are made public. For now, we know that Atlas is going ahead by leaps and flips.

You can see Atlas in action for yourself in the video below:


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