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Boring Company Will Be Launched In China This Month, Announces Elon Musk

The Boring Company Will Be Launching In China Later This Month

Elon Musk has announced on Twitter – in his regular style – that The Boring Company will be commencing operation in China form this month. As per the tweet that came from CEO of Tesla and SpaceX; The Boring Company is all set to start its operations later this month in China thus making a major expansion move for the tunnel building enterprise.

The Boring Company made it into the news before as well when Elon Musk had the company create a flamethrower some time ago. However, this time around the company is not making rounds on the Internet because of some fascinating gadget. Instead, it is in the news because of a tweet from Elon Musk that states that the company is launching in China later this month.

Musk also responded to a Twitter user and said that the company aims to begin work on underwater tunnels in the future. The Boring Company is not as much in the limelight as Tesla or SpaceX, and the company’s ambitions are severely hampered by building codes. As it happens, infrastructure projects have a huge amount of red tape as opposed to other projects, including environmental impact studies and certain other aspects that can lead to slowing down of the development of any project. That is one of the most significant reasons explaining why The Boring Company is not as active as other companies of Elon Musk.

Up till now, the only commercial contract that The Boring Company has managed to sign is with the city of Las Vegas, Nevada for the construction of a people mover that will be situated underneath the Las Vegas Convention Center before the Consumer Electronics Show 2021. Nonetheless, keeping in mind that the company is being steered by Elon Musk; we are sure that the company will go on to carry out ambitious projects.

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