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Boomerang’s Respondable Email Uses Artificial Intelligence To Compose More Interesting Emails

We must have written hundreds or thousands of emails in our life but we don’t get a response to every email. Maybe the recipient was busy or perhaps, your email was not interesting or important enough.

Credits: Boomerang Respondable

So what exactly does Boomerang’s Respondable widget do? Well, it can be used with your emailing account like Gmail or Outlook and helps you compose emails that will elicit more responses from recipients. This program uses machine learning algorithms based on the way you type your different messages to various recipients. The algorithms improve with time and use their ‘artificial intelligence’ to help you with writing better, more “respondable” messages.

Credits: Boomerang Respondable

How does it work? After you install Boomerang, a new bar is added to the window where you type new messages. The bar indicators will change in real-time based on what you are writing. Click on the bar and a new menu opens at the right side of the window offering suggestions depending on the text of the email.

Credits: Boomerang Responder

‘Building a system that acts in concert with a human as they perform creative work requires an understanding of the strengths, weaknesses, and subtleties of a variety of machine learning techniques,’ said Mile Chin, company’s CTO. ‘Respondable layers several techniques together in a novel way – for example, we use deep learning and neural networks for textual analysis, but we found that other techniques worked best for assigning weights to the inscrutable outputs of neural networks in ways that can be explained to users.’

Credits: Boomerang Respondable

The free version includes parameters like word count, question count, subject length and reading level whereas the Advanced version can tell the users about subjectivity measurements, positivity and politeness. The response meter will measure the likelihood of response for your email starting from “very unlikely” to the “very likely” zone. Boomerang’s Respondable is an interesting plug-in that can definitely help users in composing better emails.


If you want to experiment with this interesting tool, here are the free versions for both Outlook and Gmail. Let us know if you found the plug-in useful in composing better emails!