Bond Robot Can Write In Your Handwriting To Send Letters To Your Friends

Bond Robot can Replicate Your Handwriting Only Better2

We all know how email is convenient and quite easy to make use of; simply type the message and with the click of a button it goes to the recipient. However, receiving a package that contains a hand written letter or note still holds a certain meaning and joy. This was the reason behind the creation of Bond Service. It employs a robot to create a note that is hand-written in your handwriting. This note is then sent to the recipient of the user’s choice.Bond Robot can Replicate Your Handwriting Only Better

Of course you can write the note all by yourself and then post it, however, Bond – an online service – will make use of classy pens, stationery and inks to create this note. Bond also makes sure that the note remains consistent as far as text is concerned and is error-free. The system works quite simply and is explained below for our readers.Bond Robot can Replicate Your Handwriting Only Better4

You will begin by submitting a sample of your handwriting online. The software associated with the Bond service will then analyze this sample in order to ascertain how each letter is formed by you and shall make notes of slant and spacing in your writing. Once this process is completed, all you need to do is to submit the note that you wish to send along with a card from Bond website. The note can be submitted in the form of typed text along with the recipient’s address and name. One of Bond’s robots – a total of 11 – will then attend to your task and shall write the body of the note in your handwriting on the card that will be mailed subsequently.Bond Robot can Replicate Your Handwriting Only Better5

One can even opt for a handwriting style other than the user’s own. There are a number of handwriting styles available and those include the handwriting of Nikola Tesla as well. Users are required to submit a fee of $199 for Bond to learn their handwriting with each subsequent card costing only $2.99. Isn’t it an awesome service?

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