BMW’s First Electric Truck Is All Set To Hit The Roads in Munich

BMW Electric Truck – The Future of Trucks 2

BMW has announced it will be the first carmaker to use a 40-ton truck powered purely by electricity to deliver inbound parts. The carmaker has teamed up with German logistics provider SCHERM Group on a pilot project that will see the electric truck deliver material to the BMW Munich plant eight times a day from SCHERM’s logistics facility 2 km away. BMW Electric Truck – The Future of Trucks 3

Although most of us find trucks as slow moving objects that just take up space on the highway, the concerned authorities are already planning on how to increase the fuel efficiency while reducing the pollution caused by them. What BMW and SHERM are doing could very well be the game-changer when it comes to trucks and their efficiency – both in terms of fuel and capacity.

Thanks to its alternative drive train, the truck is quiet, CO2 free in traffic and generates virtually no particle pollution for the environment. It is based on the Terberg Type YT202-EV 4×2. The BMW Group and SCHERM Group are investing a six-figure amount in the pilot project, which will span over one year. If the vehicle proves itself, both partners will seek to expand the project. BMW Electric Truck – The Future of Trucks

“Just under two years ago, our BMW i brand put sustainable mobility on the road. This pure electric truck signals that we are constantly working on innovative solutions and tackling logistics challenges,” said Hermann Bohrer, Director of BMW Group Plant Munich.


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