BMW Z4 Replica Made From Stone Carving

Brick masonry – BMW Replica

Brick masonry – BMW Replica  2We have covered a number of articles which deal with certain cars and their specs or a peculiar feature about them which makes them stand out from the competition. Our today’s post is about a car as well but this time, surprisingly enough, we will not be talking about its specs or how fast can it go from 0-60mph. But we would be talking about its finish and how marvelous it looks at the place where it stands since January 2010 in Shenzhen City.

Brick masonry – BMW Replica  5Brick masonry – BMW Replica  6Meet Dai Geng, a Chinese artist, who apparently has quite an eye for cars and is very fond of them. The artist spent a bit longer than a year in constructing a replica of BMW Z4. He wouldn’t have gained this much popularity had it been a regular replica but well that’s what artists do, they come up with unique ideas! So Mr. Geng came up with this crazy idea of building a replica by cementing stone bricks together and then carving them. Took him a bit more than a year but what he has accomplished is truly amazing; a replica of BMW Z4 which is made completely from bricks except for the windows and can mimic the real car as well (doors can be closed and opened). It was displayed in January 2012 and is on display ever since. Enjoy the pictures!

Brick masonry – BMW Replica  3Brick masonry – BMW Replica  4Brick masonry – BMW Replica  7 Brick masonry – BMW Replica  8 Brick masonry – BMW Replica  9

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