BMW Tests Its M4 On The Ultimate Race Track – An Aircraft Carrier!

BMW and Ultimate Racetrack4

Are you a BMW fan? Well, who are we kidding over here? Everyone is a BMW fan and the reason is its dauntingly flawless design, throw in some cool engine along with innovative technology and there you have it; the perfect mix known as BMW. What is more fascinating about the BMW is the awesome ads that the automobile company comes up with. Don’t believe us? Wait till you check out the video at the end of this post that will demonstrate how amazing the M4 is as it tears around a track on an aircraft carrier.BMW and Ultimate Racetrack6 BMW and Ultimate Racetrack3


BMW and Ultimate Racetrack2

Although the video may not be real – the officials from BMW have not confirmed that yet – but it sure is quite amazing and thrilling. You can actually Feel the need for speed rising within oneself while the ad is playing. The track resembles the Gymkhana series of DC owner Ken Block and you can witness the 430Hp M4 speeding on the Ultimate Racetrack that is afloat at the sea.BMW and Ultimate Racetrack7 BMW and Ultimate Racetrack8 BMW and Ultimate Racetrack9 BMW and Ultimate Racetrack5 BMW and Ultimate Racetrack4

Cundari, the BMW agency in Canada was contacted for comment, however, the Chief Creative officer by the name of Andrew Simon quite skillfully averted the question and responded in the following words; ‘We know there is debate and we encourage that. One thing that is for sure is that the M4’s dynamic performance on the Ultimate Racetrack is thrilling viewers all around the world and for that we’re thrilled’. Well played Andrew Simon, well played!BMW and Ultimate Racetrack5

You’ll find quite a heated debate going on about the validity of the video, but like we said, let’s focus more on how awesome the concept is and how amazingly the car has been designed. M4 has been designed to trade places with M3 Coupe and M3 Convertible models and supports a 3liter twin turbo engine. The transmission is 7-speed M-DCT that allows M4 to reach 60Mph in 3.9 seconds while weighing less than 1,500 kg.

Oh and here’s the ad!


  1. Drew Reply

    Considering it costs over $7 million a day to operate an aircraft carrier – it’s unlikely that BMW shelled out over $20 million to make this ad.

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