Watch This BMW Refuel While Drifting In Tandem

The Guinness World Record for the longest vehicle drift belongs to Toyota for now. Previously, the record was held by the Bavarians in 2013. BMW Performance Driving School instructor Johan Schwartz drifted for 51 miles in an M5 after covering 322 and a half laps at their local track in South Carolina. Later on, Toyota broke the records twice with GT86s. It stood at 102.5-miles and completed in 5 hours and 46 minutes since last June.

BMW is ready to sell their new M5 and to show how well its RWD-only mode works, Johan Schwartz is back to do his thing again. He strapped himself in a 600 horsepower Sedan for eight hours of sliding action. They did not stop, did not take any brakes and drifted around the wet circuit for the complete time.


As per BMW, fuel stops are for the weak and installing a larger fuel tank in the car is boring so the task called for tandem drifting. The team made slight changes in the car by removing rear seats of the previous generation’s M5. This made room for the auxiliary fuel tank and the high-pressure pump cable. The pump cable can transfer up to 18 gallons of fuel between the cars in approximately 50 seconds.

This stunt might not be as wild as the one carried out by Shell in 1997 airborne Ferrari F1 refueling in the desert. However, it involved as much precision driving from the team which was involved. It looks like they will soon claim the world record once again.

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