Blue Origin Is Sending The Youngest Person Ever To Space

 Scientists and researchers have made going to space, an accessible and convenient experience. Earlier, a couple of decades back, going to space was considered a long ordeal, and the return was not guaranteed either. science had not advanced enough to sustain life for a longer time in space or even offer rides to space as entertainment. Now, science and technology have broken the shackles of the past and have come above and beyond the restraints previously faced by the people in tech. This is the reason that Blue Origin’s first flight is set to reach space and come back. This is going to be the company’s first crewed flight.

The passengers are very limited and handpicked as it is a crucial and exclusive operation. Ex-CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, and his brother, are going to be on the flight. Also, the world’s oldest man to enter space will be Wally Funk who is a great name in the world of aeronautics. Moreover, there is also the youngest man to set foot in space, Oliver Daemen, who is 18 years old and belongs to the Netherlands. This passenger seat was auctioned to another person who is asked to remain anonymous. He won the seat for 28 million dollars. However, owing to a conflict in schedule, Daemen, the second passenger, was shifted to the first flight and the original winner to the next.

Blue Origins has also announced to donate the funds of around 19 million dollars from the auction the Club for the Future which is a nonprofit organization and has multiple aeronautics club under its wing. The company is setting up a live stream on its flight and people can watch it online. The flight’s name is New Shepard and is approved for flight by the US Federal Aviation Administration. On Tuesday, July 20th, the flight will take off at 4:30 a.m. PT (7:30 a.m. ET). A huge audience is looking forward to the stream and the mission.

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