Bloomlife Is The New Wearable For Your Unborn Babies

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Wearables are for everyone and everything, from your regular fitness tracker Fitbit to tremor acquisition bands. There is particularly one age group, for which there was no wearable, that is the unborn babies. Bloomlife has brought to CES, 2017 a wearable that will change this.

Source: Bloomlife

Bloomlife is a smart pregnancy tracker that automatically measures, tracks and displays contractions.  Pregnant women wear the wearable in the last three months of their pregnancy. The snapped sensor, connected to simple patch, sticks to the skin below the belly button. Electrical sensors pick up contractions from the uterine muscle, capture the length of time the contraction lasts and make up a frequency chart. The contractions are monitored, and the corresponding data is stored in an Android or iOS app. The battery lasts about a week, and so does the sticky patch.


Source: Gizmodo
Application displaying contraction data Source: Bloomlife

The idea of the wearable is to offer peace of mind to worried parents, in an era where everyone is obsessed with tracking everything. Even though the wearable is not FDA approved yet, it serves as a very valid second opinion. The device can potentially be developed to detect other problems in pregnancy.

The good part is, you don’t have to buy the device because it is not something for long term use. The device can be leased for a month or more, costing $150 for a month and $250 and $350 for two or three months. It will be available for shipping in a few months.

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