BlackBerry’s Global Smartphone Market Share Is Now Officially 0%


After the news of Blackberry Canada finally shutting down hardware production, it was evident that the company and its brand is only going downhill. The once iconic and market leader has been struggling to keep up with the cutthroat competition posed by Samsung and Apple, and the latest reports about their sales further reinstate the bleak picture.

According to a report by a research firm Gartner, tracking smartphone sales, BlackBerry only sold 200,000 of their own phones last year. And while the number might seem impressive individually, it amounts to a mere 0.0482 percent of global smartphone purchases in the fourth quarter of 2016!

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The stats in the report suggest, as pointed out by Business Insider, that the last three months of 2016 saw BlackBerry only selling 207,900 of devices running its own operating system. This number, when compared with the total of 432 million smartphones sold during that time, amounts to zero percent of market share!


The report also states that 2016 last quarter saw 352.7 million Android phones sales whole 77 million on iOS. Comparing Apple and Samsung, former reportedly sold 78.3 million iPhones in the last quarter of 2016, whereas their arch rivals managed to sell  77.5 million phones.

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Blackberry did make some other sales, such as handsets running Android OS, but the last 200,000 BlackBerries sold doesn’t do justice to the glorious past of this smartphone company.

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