BlackBerry Passport Goes on Sale Today with a Price Tag of $599

BlackBerry Passport Goes on Sale Today6

Remember we told you about BlackBerry Passport smartphone in the pipeline? Well guess what, BlackBerry has released the pricing details and the launch date for the latest smartphone after keeping us in the dark for quite some time. If you didn’t read our coverage of this phone, then you should know that BlackBerry Passport is a 4.5” square design phone.BlackBerry Passport Goes on Sale Today8

It will be launched in US on Wednesday and the handset without the SIM will cost you $599. It will be launched in other regions as well, however, the price tag will vary owing to the sales taxes and tariffs pertaining to different regions. These details were handed out by the Chief Executive John Chen while giving an interview on Monday, just before the BlackBerry event scheduled for today. The list of countries that will be sporting the launch of BlackBerry Passport has not been revealed, however, it is widely accepted fact that the phone will be launched in UK, Canada and Dubai since the launch events are being hosted in these countries.BlackBerry Passport Goes on Sale Today5 BlackBerry Passport Goes on Sale Today4 BlackBerry Passport Goes on Sale Today7

John further told that the price was supposed to be closer to $799, however, the firm decided to drop the design in order to ‘get the market interested’. Can’t argue with the fact that this was a wise move to spike the interest with Apple and Samsung launching their own flagships. BlackBerry will also be launching BlackBerry Classic at this particular event. As for BlackBerry Passport, it comes with a complete HD 4.5” square screen that supposedly provides a viewing space that is the same if not better when compared with a 5” phone, but the company claims that the viewing experience is far better.BlackBerry Passport Goes on Sale Today3 BlackBerry Passport Goes on Sale Today2 BlackBerry Passport Goes on Sale Today

This is going to be the first time that BlackBerry is launching a new device on a global scale ever since the BlackBerry 10 back in 2013. We were first told about BlackBerry Passport back in June by John Chen during the company’s quarterly earnings report and the project was known as Windermere previously.

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