Bitcoin Has Hit A New All-Time High

It was as if the world was waiting for the bitcoin to hit the New York Stock Exchange, and it went exactly as anticipated when the price of the coin rocketed to a 12 year high at $66,000 per coin on Wednesday morning.

“Bitcoin to the moon!” tweeted an ecstatic Cameron Winklevoss, who, along with his twin Tyler, has bet much of his post-Facebook career on cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency has, lately, hit turbulent waters with sanctions and limitations being put on it. As a result, the cryptocurrency has failed to have a smooth rise, but it has continued to gain ground and strength every passing day. The currency had previously, in an all-time high, had hit an approx. 65,000 Dollars. This peak, however, is not the highest which has been anticipated. In April, it was around 65,000 Dollars, this Wednesday, it hit 66,000 Dollars, and next year it might hit another peak.

“The key here is whether we are able to establish support above $65,000,” crypto adviser Jesse Proudman told CNBC. “If we can, the classic Q4 crypto rallies we’ve seen in most years could take bitcoin towards some of the loftier price predictions we’ve seen over the past several months. If sell pressure takes over, though, our next leg up could take a while to materialize.”

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