Biotech Company Claims They Can Bring Brain-Dead People Back to Life

Bioquark is looking to literally raise back the dead as this Philadelphia biotechnology company thinks it can revive brain dead people with a series of injections “reseting” the brain.

Usually, death is declared after permanent loss of brain stem function, which causes an irreversible loss of brain function. But Bioquark thinks they can reverse the damage using their clinical procedures. CEO of Bioquark, Ira Pastor, along with Indian orthopedic surgeon Himanshu Bansal are looking to hold the first clinical trial for the brain death reversal as detailed in the study record of previously canceled attempt in India.

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Bioquark examined patients aged 12 to 65 that were brain dead after traumatic brain injuries using MRI scans and gathered data about signs of brain death reversal. The company now plans to use that data and harvest stem cells from a patient’s own blood and reinject them into his/her body. The patients would be given a dose of peptides via an injection into the spinal cord. The patient will then undergo a 15-day period of nerve stimulation using lasers and median nerve stimulation that will result, theoretically, in the reversal of brain death.

The tests have attracted a lot of controversy, being banned by the Indian Government and now being conducted in an undisclosed South American country. They are part of a larger project on human neuro-regeneration and neuro-reanimation known as ReAnima, where Ira Pastor has a seat on the advisory board. He talked to the Daily Mail,

“The mission of the ReAnima Project is to focus on clinical research in the state of brain death, or irreversible coma, in subjects who have recently met the Uniform Determination of Death Act criteria, but who are still on cardio-pulmonary or trophic support – a classification in many countries around the world known as a ‘living cadaver’.”

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