Billionaire Peter Thiel Says He Still Wants To Be Frozen After Death


The billionaire internet mogul Peter Thiel has acknowledged that he intends to be cryogenically preserved after passing away in the hopes of being resurrected in the future. Thiel is nonetheless excited about the technology’s potential to save lives despite his doubts about its effectiveness.

Thiel spoke about his views on the life-preserving potential of cryonics, the technique of keeping a human body in a suspended animation after death in the hopes of a future rebirth, during an appearance on journalist Bari Weiss’s podcast. Thiel is well-known for his investments in tech businesses and has long been an outspoken supporter of cryonics.

Cryonics may seem far-fetched to some, but scientists think it could become a reality in the not too distant future. Thiel has also stated his interest in more anti-aging technology that may help people live longer.

Some claim that Thiel’s decision to participate in cryonics is a waste of resources and that it promotes the notion of defeating death. Others have pointed out that the technology is still in its infancy and there is no assurance it will function as intended.

Thiel is steadfast in his convictions despite these worries. According to what he has said, he views cryonics as a tool to prolong his own life rather than a way to avoid dying. He has also been transparent about his political views and shown his support for Republicans like Ron DeSantis.

Whether cryonics will ever be a practical way to extend human life is still up in the air. For the time being, Thiel’s choice to enrol in cryonics serves as a warning that some people would go to extreme lengths in their quest for immortality.


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