Bill Gates Says That The World Will Be Back To Normal By 2022

With the vaccines and drugs for curing the deadly virus developed now, the world would come back to normal by the end of 2022, said Bill Gates during an interview with a Polish Newspaper.

The virus’s spread is an incredible tragedy, said the Microsoft Founder; while talking about the damages it brought to humanity, during the interview, Bill Gates stressed that the only good news since the pandemic breakout is the effective vaccine development. He added, ‘by the end of 2022, the world would basically come back to normal.”

After stepping down from Microsoft’s Chairman role, Bill Gates started to work for the less fortunate populations through his philanthropic Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Up till now, his welfare organization has spent nearly $1.75 billion to fight the ongoing pandemic. The spendings include support in vaccine development, potential treatment, and diagnostics.

From the organization’s generous spending, $250 million was spent on developing new vaccines, and $156 million was spent on the Covax scheme, which is working on ensuring that vaccine gets available for all, especially for the less fortunate populations.

The scheme for distributing vaccines to low-income countries has settled deals for 2.27 billion doses of vaccines. However, most of these doses include vaccines running through their late-stage trials and yet are to be approved by some countries. Two shots of most of the vaccines included in the Covax program are required to safeguard oneself from the virus, except the vaccine from Johnson & Johnson’s, which requires only one shot of it to protect against Covid-19.

Covax has asked for assistance and donations from some developed nations, those who have vaccines in abundance and have made progress in treating the masses of their populations.

As per the current stats and some predictions, low-income and developing nations would fall back in treating and protecting their populations from Covid-19, compared to the developed nations, who’ve already shown positive outcomes in taking the world back the way it was.

Moreover, Canada, Norway, France, the U.K, and some other European nations have shown commitment to treating the world by offering surplus doses and extending their support to the Covax program. The White House recently announced to release a fund of $4 billion for the virus treating program. However, crucial is its outcomes to see if this international effort effectively cures the world of the wide-spread illness. Bill Gates suspects it not too late, and by the end of 2022, we will be socializing and living life the way we used to.

The multi-billionaire suspects a change in people’s behavior during the ongoing spring and upcoming summer season; he said the change would be “in a significant way” while expressing at a Clubhouse-based interview. Whether this soon will be over in the rich countries is arguable. Still, the main focus here is on the low-income, underprivileged nations, who’ve fought for decades attaining the basic human needs for their populations, treat the coronavirus and stop its spread in those masses of concentrated populations is crucial.

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