Bill Gates Says Elon Musk’s Reasoning On Mars And Electric Cars Is Flawed

In the dynamic world of technology luminaries and billionaire innovators, the relationship between philanthropist Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, and Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, emerges as a compelling saga of complexity, marked by disagreements, personal conflicts, and begrudging respect.

Walter Isaacson’s upcoming book, “Elon Musk,” provides an illuminating glimpse into the intricate dynamics between these two influential figures in the tech domain.

Gates, notably, harbors reservations about Musk’s ambitious pursuit of Mars colonization, candidly stating, “I’m not a Mars person.” He perceives Musk’s aspirations for Mars as extravagant and unconventional. Gates finds Musk’s Mars vision perplexing, particularly the scenario involving a potential nuclear catastrophe on Earth, with Martians as the last surviving remnants—an outlook that Gates struggles to align with.

The divergence in their perspectives becomes pronounced when it comes to electric vehicles. Gates seizes the opportunity to school Musk on the feasibility of Tesla’s electric semi-trucks, asserting that he possesses insights that Musk lacks. Armed with data, Gates endeavors to build a compelling case that challenges Musk’s optimistic stance on electric vehicles.

Musk’s vehement aversion to short sellers reaches a boiling point when he discovers that Gates has wagered $1.5 billion against Tesla’s stock value. Gates acknowledges this move and extends apologies to Musk. Despite Musk’s initial ire, Gates downplays the situation, attributing Musk’s occasionally abrasive demeanor to a pattern of similar interactions with others.

The tensions between these prominent figures spill over into personal attacks and invectives. Musk resorts to Twitter, launching a disparaging comparison between Gates and the “pregnant man” emoji in April 2022. Leaked messages corroborate Gates’ substantial position against Tesla, further fueling their discord.

Gates and Musk’s clashes extend to various facets, encompassing disagreements over Musk’s dissemination of COVID-19 misinformation on Twitter and Gates’ choice to acquire a Porsche Taycan instead of a Tesla. Despite these confrontations, Gates extends recognition to Musk for his role in advancing science and innovation, acknowledging that “there is no one in our time who has done more to push the bounds of science and innovation than he has.”

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