Bill Gates Says A 3-Day Work Week Where ‘Machines Can Make All The Food And Stuff’ Isn’t A Bad Idea

Bill Gates, the tech visionary, sees a future where the integration of technology could pave the way for a three-day workweek. In a recent episode of Trevor Noah’s “What Now?” podcast, Gates shared his perspective on the potential role of artificial intelligence in reshaping the work landscape.

According to Gates, a society where humans “don’t have to work so hard” might become a reality with the assistance of advanced technology. He envisions a scenario where machines take over the production of essential goods, allowing humans to enjoy a reduced work week without compromising their standard of living. He suggests that a world where technology handles tasks such as food production could lead to a significant shift in the traditional five-day-plus work week.

While emphasizing the positive aspects of this transformation, Gates remains mindful of the potential risks associated with the misuse of artificial intelligence, a topic he previously addressed in a comprehensive blog post.

The idea of a shorter workweek isn’t unique to Gates. JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon has also forecasted a 3.5-day workweek for the next generation, attributing it to the influence of AI and technological advancements. Both Gates and Dimon highlight the potential for technology to redefine work hours and enhance overall work-life balance.

Reflecting on his journey, Gates acknowledged a perspective shift over time. Once viewing sleep as a luxury, he emphasized Microsoft from ages 18 to 40. Now, he believes that the purpose of life extends beyond work-related obligations. The ongoing experiments with a four-day workweek by companies in the US and globally have shown positive outcomes, reinforcing the notion that embracing technological advancements could lead to a more efficient and balanced work environment.

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