Bill Gates Gives The Most Profound Advice To New College Graduates On Twitter

Bill Gates Advice

Bill Gates is an inspiration for so many youngsters who keep asking him for advice. He dropped out of Harvard during his sophomore year, probably with no regrets but that does not mean he doesn’t wish to know more.

The famous philanthropist took to Twitter to give young people some career advice in view of what he wishes he could have learned at college.

Just because career advice is a serious matter does not mean it can have no humor. He started on a light note with a video.

If he were beginning his career in 2017, here is what he would choose:

Who does not wish to know more things than they do already?

Intelligence is not as important as we think. Seriously!

Gates’ charity foundation is making an impact, and he wishes he had started sooner.

Do good in the world, because what is the purpose otherwise?

Do not be “just yourself.” Improvement is always needed.

Wealth does not bring happiness. Gotta trust the guy with a net worth of over $85 billion.

The suffering of others is not something to be ignored.

We can all play a part in making the world better, no matter how small.

Live your life.

You may not become a billionaire like Gates, but you have a purpose in life, make the most of it.


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