Bert Is Google’s New AI System That Can Finish Your Sentences For You

google AI bert

Google has made another AI with the Allen Institute for Artificial intelligence, named Bert. It has the ability to complete missing parts of a sentence just the way a human would do. Bert, short for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformer has the basic understanding of language and can complete a sentence having a missing part with the most suitable and appropriate answer. This may seem like an easy task but it was not and now it has opened more possibilities for the development of AI.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a tool being used for effective communications between humans and computer. It includes features like speech recognition, machine translation and sentiment analysis. This subfield of AI tends to bring computers closer to human-like understanding of language. As computers cannot understand the context of a sentence, the researchers have to use Machine learning and Deep Learning to execute simple things like text summarization, language translation and semantic understanding.

Bert is being considered a significant leap in the world of AI. Such computer systems can understand and process and learn intricate details of language to perform specific tasks. That time is not far away when we will be able to have full conversations with a computer. In a more practical sense, this innovation will make the systems like Google Home and Alexa more practical and bring innovation in automation in the long run.

Google’s Bert learns by analyzing millions of sentences in books written in all genres. Having this huge library of data, Bert has become able to guess the missing word by analyzing the relationship between words. It is also able to give explanations to questions and can even tell negative or positive emotions in a paragraph. It also completed the Allen Institute’s Common Sense test. Already trained in 102 languages, Bert is a huge leap in the right direction, even though it does not have the human-like common sense.


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