Berlin Is Building Another Wall To Separate Locals From Refugees


What’s with these Germans and their walls? It seems as though the Munich suburb of Neuperlach Sud has got an approval of a giant 4 meter (13 ft) wall to separate their neighbourhood from the community of migrants that will be hosted in a shelter built for 160 unaccompanied child refugees.

The locals of the Neuperlach Sud went to the court after the news of their local government deciding to build a large refugee shelter 100 meters from a residential estate. The community argued that the prices of their homes will plummet from the incoming refugees, along with a lot of noise and disturbance in the area.

Pic Credits: theindependent
Pic Credits: the independent

The judge of the Administrative Court in Munich ratified approved their request, and as a result, the 13 ft stone wall is now almost complete.

One Neuperlach Sud couple told a newspaper,

“Donald Trump wants to build a wall for Mexico, and we in Munich Neuperlach build one to keep us safe from refugees!.”

The 4-meter-high barrier, when completed, will be taller than the Berlin Wall (3.6 meters), and the people are aware of this. But they still believe that their security and comfort is more important than offending some people.

Pic Credits: theindependent
Pic Credits: the independent

Understandably, the new infrastructure had stirred the ire of many people, along with Deputy District Chairman Guido Bucholtz, saying that he felt “frightened” when he heard about the “monster of a wall” and argued that the wall should have been smaller.  He also called the concept an “absolute madness”.

Another resident of Neuperlach Sud, Edgar Schultz has different opinions,

“We don’t live directly across but in my opinion the wall is awful. There were other possibilities. It could have been built from overgrown wooden walls and so on, but not a big stone wall.”

Pic Credits: theindependent
Pic Credits: the independent

But Edgar is among the minority, as according to a poll in Bavaria showed that four out of five people think negatively about Muslims, and also are vehemently against German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open-door policy.

The large stone wall might be ratified to alleviate and strike a compromise with the angered people, who were totally against the idea of accepting refugees.

While Trump’s idea of the Mexican border doesn’t seem to be actually feasible in real life, it looks like it might have spurred some xenophobic people to preach same principles on a smaller scale.

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