Belt Scooter Is A Portable Scooter That You Can Wear As A Belt

A Scooter on your Belt - Belt Scooter

This new concept transport vehicle is a Belt Scooter that can be worn around the waist. Designed by Ádám Török, the Belt Scooter makes it less likely for you to get stuck somewhere without any way of getting home.A Scooter on your Belt - Belt Scooter2

The Belt Scooter is worn as a belt by the user and is an operational scooter; though it does raise the question of how well that belt would be to hold your pants. It is made up of a curved piece of wood which is strong enough to bear a person’s weight, but is light enough to be worn around the waist. The vertical handlebars are divided into segments meaning that they will remain flexible until the strap inside is tightened. And when it’s tightened, the entire device will become rigid.A Scooter on your Belt - Belt Scooter3

This innovation certainly holds some advantages over the alternative modes of transport. It is secure for it’s holding you by your waist. Also, it is easier to carry around and takes lesser space because the belt is embracing your waist and is less likely to get stolen.A Scooter on your Belt - Belt Scooter4 A Scooter on your Belt - Belt Scooter5 A Scooter on your Belt - Belt Scooter7 A Scooter on your Belt - Belt Scooter6

The Belt Scooter is a fantastic idea for a means of commute when you find yourself in a bind. Similar scooters minus the belt factor are extremely affordable and there is no reason that the Belt Scooter would be any expensive as there is no special material or manufacturing required. Sadly, the  scooter is not available to buy at present. Though if anyone is interested, they could ‘kickstart’ it at KickStarter.



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