Being In A Relationship With An Engineer…

relationship with an engineer

relationship with an engineer


  1. dev Reply

    symptoms are not specific to a profession or gender. Be YOU when U are in relation with the other partner..that needs unconditional love.#counsellor

    symptoms are not specific to a particular profession or gender. To build a strong relationships You need an unconditional love.fresh start where U have left.

  2. Doug Reply

    I hope your S/O acts that way Dawn, because there are plenty of guys that don’t and deal with a frigid wife everyday. Maybe if wives “put out” at a similar rate to when they were dating a guy, men wouldn’t have to deal with being cold.

  3. Dawn Gilbert Reply

    Now imagine, for a moment, it is the woman who is the engineer, and who is trying to resolve the broken code. “His” diary would simply be: Wife was frigid, no problem, got laid elsewhere.

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