Beast Is A New Solar Powered Electric Bike

The beast by daymak6

It seems as if going electric is the talk of the day and we don’t mind as long as it’s done properly and while keeping the end user in mind. Daymak Inc, a company based in Canada; has released the Beast, an electric bike. Whoa, we are excited already and the name sure does sound intriguing. The Beast is a street legal and off-road electric bike that is solar powered.The beast by daymak9 The beast by daymak7

The development of this beauty took two years and now finally the company has launched a campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds and to bring this sweet thing out on the road if enough funds are raised. The Beast has a low-profile, to impart stability, and comes with a rugged design. It also comes equipped with an inverted suspension fork at the front that connects to the 10 inch alloy which is responsible for carrying the 8inch thick off-road tyre. The Beast comes equipped with the 4 500 lumen LED headlights and weighs in at 55 kg.The beast by daymak8 The beast by daymak5

The Beast is about 1.1 meters tall and has a length of 1.92 meters. The speed, however, is somewhat disappointing as 32Km/h is the top speed. The good part is that this speed renders it street legal and you don’t need a license to vroom around in it. The 500W motor can be thanked for the power that drives this bike.

The solar charging system is integrated; that is to say it charges on the go. The on-board battery is capable of providing 40 km on a single charge and the bike can run for another 10 km after it has been exposed to 8 hours of sunlight. For those who think this time is too much; the bike can also be charged via wall-outlet. This will also help the user during the rainy days.The beast by daymak4 The beast by daymak3

The battery pack that the Beast has been equipped with is removable and can be used to charge your USB devices as well since it houses two UB built-in ports. The Ultimate version of the Beast will also, supposedly, come with a 110/220 Volts plug that as per the claims of the creators will allow you to ‘plug in a TV’ too. Although what’s the purpose of that, is something we are unable to comprehend.The beast by daymak2

Given that the campaign is successful, the company plans on launching an app that will be compatible with iOS and Android and shall be able to communicate directly with the batteries and motor while displaying information such as speed, GPS, distance travelled and battery level on the screen. The amount of funding raised will also be the deciding factor whether the company upgrades the components and goes for the KMC chain, Shimano Disc Brakes and Samsung batteries.The beast by daymak

You can get your hands on this with a pledge of $1,000 for the basic version and $2,799 for the Ultimate version.

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