Beach Vault Protects Your Belongings On The Beach

The Beach Vault 2

Summers are here folks and this means that beaches are about to get flooded with flocks of people. Beaches shall be more fun and there would be more hustle and bustle. However, this also means that there shall be a crowd and opportunists/thieves love crowded places where you can easily mix into a group of people. Where are we going with this? That’s a good question and our answer; where do you put your belongings when you are out at the beach? More importantly, can you always be careful and keep your belongings in your sight?The Beach Vault

Unless you are a robot designed to protect the items or have some other connection with them, which allows you to know when they are being stolen, we are very sure that you can’t always keep track of your valuables and even a single slip; a nap for 10 minutes or getting distracted by people on the beach may very well result in a disaster. However, get your hands on this Beach Vault to keep your valuables safe and yet be able to enjoy the beach.The Beach Vault 3

This gadget comes from Marcal DaCunha who is a church pastor in the US and says that the idea for this particular gadget hit him when his wife suggested that it would be amazing if they had a container to place their valuables in and then hide it from the prying eyes. That is exactly what the Beach Vault does; it is a locker that will hide your valuables foot deep in the sand and is waterproof. It comes with its own towel that has a convenient cut out to provide the user with easy access. It has a screw-like working; place your valuables inside and screw it into the sand. Now place the towel on it, lie down and chill!The Beach Vault 5 The Beach Vault 4

The idea, again, is to make the users tension free by allowing them to lie down on beach, even sleep, and not be worried about losing their stuff. Even if the user was to go take a dip in the ocean; to the prying eyes it would only seem as if the towel is lying on the beach. Check out the youtube video below for more details:


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