This Bangladeshi Guy Has The Worst Job In The World

We all have done jobs where we hated our boss, those long work hours, or that terrible pay. However, today we are going to meet the employee of Dhaka City Corporation who will make your job look like a walk in the park.

The poor sewer cleaner has to lunge into the slime of the sewer lines of the city. If that isn’t already enough, he has to do it without any safety gear. The worker uses a long stick to poke the blockage and remove the clogs with his bare hands.

Credits: The Star

See how he spits the sewage water out of his mouth. The toxic fumes from the sewage are themselves fatal enough. There had been multiple incidents of deaths of utility hole workers and cleaners due to the toxic fumes of the sewage. Still, the workers are not entitled to adequate safety equipment, mask, or jumpsuit. There are no plans in process to provide them with the required facilities. Daily Mail reported that,

“Workers are often surrounded by cockroaches, and have no masks to protect them from the poisonous fumes.”

Credits: The Star

Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh with a population of 14-million, went through heavy rainfalls that caused a major flood. The city has no adequate Storm Drainage System, blocking multiple sewages that eventually flow over. The utility hole workers had to do the un-rewarding job where they clawed out the clogs using their hands. Do you still feel like whining about your job? We bet you don’t!

Check out this short video on sewer cleaners:

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