Bahrain Will Soon Have This Unique Twisted Tower In Its Skyline

United Tower In Bahrain Packs Quite A Punch 4

A number of amazing landmarks have already been constructed, however, there is always room for more, right? Say hello to the United Tower in Bahrain.United Tower In Bahrain Packs Quite A Punch 3

It features crisp edges along with flutes that are faced smoothly. It protrudes from an octagonal base plate and is a fifty story structure that comes packed with an amazingly perfect counter-clockwise twist. Every twist begins and ends in the same plane while moving around the vertical axis of the tower. The location where the land extrudes from foundation and joins again at the top are aligned perfectly.

The tower is part of the project known as Bahrain Bay, which is a huge waterfront development being carried out on the north shore of Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain. The cost of the project is $2.5 billion and features three artificial islands with a total of half million square meter of reclamation.United Tower In Bahrain Packs Quite A Punch 2

The design work was carried out by Mohamed Aref Sadeq Engineering Consultants while the Ahmed Al Qaed Construction was the primary contractor. The tower features some wonderful sustainability. The authorities have quite a wide angle on the term sustainability and it entails more than just environmental aspect of sustainability; they cover social and economic sustainability as well. The authorities refer to the project in the following words, “Smart City, conscious of the need to both preserve precious resources and to use carefully sourced materials for the construction. Therefore, all third party developers have to comply with extremely strict criteria.”United Tower In Bahrain Packs Quite A Punch

Cooperation Investment House SPC, the managing body for the property, said that the tower will provide “an exceptional work environment, ideal for businesses requiring a presence in the Kingdom.”


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