Autopilot Abuser Who Got Jailed Immediately Gets Another Tesla And Starts Riding In The Back


This guy from California will stop at nothing to make sure he rides in the backseat of his Tesla for as long as wants. Even though he’s been arrested before and his Tesla confiscated but that didn’t stop him from buying another one and riding in the backseat again. People have been overestimating Tesla’s autopiloting capabilities a lot and this has led to many incidents in recent months.

Still, not many people are as stubborn, 25-year old Param Sharma, who went viral after photos and videos of him riding in the backseat of his Model 3 started appearing on social media. He was arrested earlier this month on May 10th with his Tesla being confiscated. However, he got released soon and immediately bought another Tesla to continue his dumb shenanigans.

He claimed that he bought his new Model 3 straight out of prison and can buy many more. The California police first arrested him for two counts of reckless driving and disobeying a Peace Officer after receiving complaints of a man riding in the back of a Tesla Model 3 while nobody was behind the steering wheel. But as soon as he got released he immediately started posting videos in his new Tesla. One of his posts read “They threw away my last Tesla so I f**ked around and got another one”.

If recent events are to go by, riding a Tesla without being in the driver’s seat is very dangerous. The company has told customers time and time again that their autopilot requires constant driver supervision. I guess the company is partially to blame when it labels some of its products as Full Self-Driving.

Sharma told Fox KTVU that “I’m rich as f**k. I’m very rich. I mean, I’ll just get another Tesla every time. I have unlimited money to blow on Teslas. Like if you take my Tesla away, I will get another Tesla”. It seems like he wants to cash in on some of his internet fame and sadly he most likely will as more people watch his videos.

He has also pleaded not guilty to his reckless driving charges and intends to contest them in court. It’s clear that he believes that his actions don’t cause any real risk and danger to others but he couldn’t be more wrong.


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