Intelligent Missiles That Able To Communicate With Each Other Being Developed


With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence in all fields, it was only a matter of time before the military would be exploring the possibilities of intelligence weapons. The military has used cruise control missiles before, but the idea of intelligent weapons is new. These weapons sound cool theoretically but could have some issues down the road due to their controversial nature.

The United States Pentagon recently created intelligent missiles. That is not all; these intelligent missiles also can communicate with each other. This all fall under the US Airforce’s military initiative, project Gray Wolf. The project has been kept under wraps by the US government but some of the details have been made public by the Pentagon.

(Source: Breaking Defense)
The purpose of the project is to create advanced technology that will allow cruise missiles to coordinate attacks and targets with each other. This is a scary thought indeed. The missiles would be able to seek out and destroy targets hundreds of miles away with scary accuracy while staying in contact with each other all the time.

The US Airforce Research Laboratory (AFRL) has employed the assistance of Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman to make these intelligent missiles. They are only in the testing phase yet but show promise. These long-range cruise missiles will be low cost and subsonic.

These missiles will probably be launched from Airforce bombers as air to ground munition.¬†According to Aviation Week, the missiles will be used on other aircraft. “Potential platforms for deploying Gray Wolf might include a yet-to-be-designed “arsenal plane” (also colloquially known as a “bomb truck”), an un-stealthy but heavily armed missile carrier whose sole purpose would be to shoot at targets detected by F-35 fighter jets operating in full stealth mode.”

(Source: Engineering)

Such developments are promising for the military but pose the question for our future. Will all combat be unmanned in the future and will it be reducing casualties or increasing them? The video below shows weapons that can think for themselves.


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