Automotive Expert Tears Apart A Tesla Model 3 And Points Out All The Engineering Issues

Tesla Model 3 was torn apart bit by bit by one of the biggest automotive engineering firm in the US and they posted the review of the car on YouTube. There have been issues with the production of Model 3 lately and the company is working hard to find solutions. The video is the first real exploration of the car from a very well-known automotive name. In the video, Autoline’s John McElroy interviewed engineering expert Sandy Munro’s latest Tesla Model 3.


Munro is known for tearing apart and breaking down some of the very popular cars. When he tore apart the Tesla Model 3, he was not very impressed. Munro is the CEO of a Detroit-based automotive consultation firm. When he reviewed the car he was not much impressed with the finish of the car. He said that the car seemed unpolished in various features.

The first thing that frustrated Munro was the effort that he had to put just to pop the hood open. To open the hood, the car requires more tools than an ordinary car needs. “We’ve never seen anything like this. Usually, there’s some sort of mechanical thing to allow the fire department to get in easily, usually in the inside of the cab.” The Model 3 has a mechanism to open the hood which is triggered by the driver panel. Munro said that he is concerned that if the car loses power in an emergency, he might pop up the hood. He also showed his concerns about the panel gaps, About which he said that ‘you could see them from Mars’. “These are flaws that we would see on a Kia in the ’90s or something…I can’t imagine how they released this. It’s just a surprise. A really big surprise for me.”

Munro pointed out many other incomplete issues, gaps and overlays. He said, “These are flaws that we would see on a Kia in the ’90s or something…I can’t imagine how they released this. It’s just a surprise. A really big surprise for me.” It is essential to note here that Munro’s company has three biggest clients standing as ‘Big Three’ of the automobiles. The three companies are General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. People seem to be agreeing with Munro and his review, one user mntlvr23 posted on Tesla’s forum saying, “I imagine that the experts can look at things with a fine-tuned microscope and find things that I would never notice. If the thumbnail versus thumb thing is true – I would imagine that this is not common and that it would be fixed upon request.”

Many users wrote about their personal experience with the Model 3. A user weluvm3 stated his experience after taking a ride in his friend’s Model 3 and said, “I had a chance to go over a friend’s Model 3 yesterday. I did notice that the frunk was badly misaligned. The right side was nearly half a centimetre higher than the left. It doesn’t sound bad, but it was very noticeable. Also, the rear passenger side door was much harder to close and latch than the others. The first time I tried to close it, it refused to shut and I basically had to force it closed. I thought maybe I was doing something wrong, but my friend said he noticed it, too. The last time I saw stuff like that was a car that had gotten into an accident and had been repaired badly. Weird. But he did say it drove well and he was otherwise very happy with it.”

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