Australian Homeowners Are Receiving Mysterious USB Drives In Their Mailboxes


While the Binary Bandits are robbing the Philadelphia neighbourhood off the 1s and 0s from their home numbers, the Australian homeowners are greeted by mysterious USBs in their mailboxes. So what do these USB drives contain?


Image Source: Victoria Police


Before we explore the mystery of these abandoned USB drives, let us ask you what you would do if a USB drive was left for you anonymously? Would you plug it into your machine? The answer should be a definite no!


Image Source: Hacker News


The random USBs began to appear in the mailboxes in the Victoria state of Australia. The Police have repeatedly asserted that these memory sticks are ‘believed to be extremely harmful’ going as far as suggesting plots involving ransomware! But how can one be sure until he tries it out for himself?


Image Source: Victoria Police


The police said that upon insertion of the drive:

“.…victims have experienced fraudulent media streaming service offers, as well as other serious issues.”

It doesn’t seem too big a price for the brief adventure you get to live through. But then, who knows what might happen next!

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