Australia And Singapore Have A New Plan For An Intercontinental Power Grid

After the recent surge of flooding and severe heatwaves across the world, authorities have now been given a wake-up call to implement green energy measures for the sake of our planet which would otherwise fall prey to the destructive effects of climate change. Considering this, different countries across the world can now be seen taking huge initiatives to revive the concept of a “green environment” and are making efforts to reduce the hazardous emissions of carbon dioxide. In a similar achievement of its kind, Australia has come up with a green energy initiative that could make it a “renewable energy superpower”.

For this, the Australian prime minister, Anthony Albanese, has collaborated with the prime minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong to bring the initiative into action. This huge energy project would be having the potential to transfer huge volumes of solar power through a high-voltage transmission line from Australian deserts to “tropical Singapore”. The project has been named “Sun Cable” which is actually a start-up taken by the two countries to contribute something to the evolution of a green environment. Hence, if all goes according to plan, the project will become the “world’s first intercontinental power grid.”

Coupled with this, while talking to the news reporters regarding the sustainability of the project, Albanese stated, “If this project can be made to work—and I believe it can be—you will see the world’s largest solar farm. The prospect of Sun Cable is just one part of what I talk about when I say Australia can be a renewable energy superpower for the world.” In addition to this, he further said, “We hope that it will be a pathfinder for other countries simply to co-operate with one another to deal with what is a global problem.”

To that end, it can be deduced that this project will serve as a way forward for other countries across the globe to start taking such measures for the sake of our planet Earth. As Lee said that this is the “first such agreement of its kind”. Hence, the project seems to have a lot of potential of making a change in our environment.

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