Audi’s New Bulletproof Car Is The Most Secure Sedan To Date

Audi A8-3

While the auto enthusiasts were enthralled by the concept cars from Ferrari and Lamborghini at the recent Frankfurt auto show, in a subtle corner of the vanity auto show, Audi just revealed the safest Sedan ever made; the new A8 L Security. Though Audi isn’t new in this business of making armored cars for its VIP users throughout the world, this one goes several steps further than its predecessor. It has enough reinforcements to survive the long piercing bullets of assault rifles and considerable explosions from hand grenades. It can put our its own fires, jettison the doors for emergency evacuation and even communicate with the outside world with ease.

Audi A8-2

Last year it was Mercedez who stole the show in the regard with the latest Mercedez-Benz S 600 Guard, and now it is Audi’s turn as it is released a ramped up version of its own flagship bullet proof car. The list of new materials being used by Audi is endless, but some of them are Aramid fabric, rare Aluminum alloys, and hot-formed armor steel. It can give the person inside full VR 9 level protection that means safety from both armor piercing bullets of NATO standard and small explosions as well with the help of its reinforced heavily plated floor. 

The glass windows of the new Audi are reinforced and use a new manufacturing design with a splinter inhibiting polycarbonate layer on windows that stop the bomb pieces from entering inside. Other notable security related hardware includes an auxiliary battery and a safe communications box that is armor-clad to save it from damage during an attack. Further contingency operations include fracture bolts that separate the door from the body of the car in an instant allowing swift passage outside. There is also a heat-activated fire control system that can put out flames efficiently around the engines, the luggage compartment and the arches above the wheels.

audi A8

Another interesting option is the emergency oxygen supply that pressurizes the compartment inside with free oxygen in case of a chemical attack or too many fumes surrounding the car. Toxic gasses cannot get in the cabin because of a low-pressure outside. This fancy stuff is although for the instant when an attack has happened. The main way to avoid an attack is escape which this car can provide with its 6.3-liter 594 Horsepower W12 FSI engine that enables it to reach a top speed of 210 km/h with all that heavy body. It can reach the first 100 Km/h level in just 7 seconds too.

Audi says that the new armored car is only on offer directly from the manufacturer itself as it won’t be available for retail. The engine has been tuned to handle all the extra weight of the car, and the wheels are all forged Aluminium covered with exclusive rubber tires. Orders for the new car will begin in spring of next year, and a secure top-secret manufacturing unit will be set up by the company just for this purpose as they don’t want this technology to leak out.

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